Curriculum 1
International Standards: The Finnish Curriculum
Our core academic standards are set in alignment with the Finnish curriculum, which is considered the best early childhood education system in the world! (LINK) (LINK) It sets clear expectations for what children must know and be able to do at each stage in their education, and makes sure that the standards they set produces good students. It specifies a rigorous model of the knowledge which every child should expect to master in core subjects at every key stage. At the same time, it allows for autonomy and innovation at the school level, giving us the freedom to teach English as the main language as well as core moral values.
Learning in the Early Years: Pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten 3
We all want our children to grow up to be happy, well-balanced individuals with strong cognitive and social skills. It starts in Pre-Kindergarten. At KRIK, we believe that creating the conditions for children to get excited about learning will achieve better results than through being pushed or pressured. We have set up an inspiring and challenging environment for children to reach their full potential: mindfulness, guidance, exploration, the joy of learning through play and games and to give them happy, enthusiastic days at school.


On the one hand, the goals of kindergarten education reflect the unique developmental potential of each child and, on the other, the needs of society at large. We give children the chance to develop the following fundamental capabilities and abilities:

Social and emotional skills

• Building bonds with others, learning how groups work.
• Self-awareness, self-confidence and self-control.
• Personal expression of needs, feelings and thoughts.
• Decision-making and accepting responsibility for decisions made.
• Conflict resolution.
• Empathy and solidarity with others as well as respect for differences.
• Playing alone and working together in a group.
• Acceptance of boundaries set by an adult and other children.
• Patience.
• Resilience.

Physical and cognitive skills

• Intellectual, artistic, musical and gross and fine motor skills.
• Personal hygiene and health.
• Respect for the environment, environmental education.
• Media competence.
• Basic mathematical principles.
• The foundations of reading and writing skills.
• Learning how to learn.


After new children has successfully settled in, and are acquainted with the kindergarten and teachers, we dive into the subject that are to be taught. These are:

• Language and Interaction.
• Mathematics.
• Nature, Science and Experiments.
• Physical Development and Motor Skills.
• Art & Crafts, Music, Media and Culture
• Social Studies and Emotional Intelligence.
• Health and Hygiene.
• Moral Lessons.

Please contact the kindergarten office if you want to get detailed information.